11th Communications Battalion LDF

In June 1940 the Local Defence Force (LDF) was established, from the earlier formed Local Security Force (LSF). In the period between June 1940 and February 1941 Signal Companies were formed to provide communications for the Infantry Units of the various Dublin Battalions in each Dublin District or Area. These Signal Companies operated independently and, as such, were not part of a Signal Battalion. Arising from a reorganisation in 1941, all these Signal Companies were brought into the 11th Communications Battalion. The Battalion headquarters was located at 27 Parnell Square, which subsequently became part of Colaiste Muire.

11th Field Signal Company FCA

On the 1st April 1946 the LDF was stood down and An Forsa Cosanta Aituil (FCA) was established resulting in the creation of the 11 Field Signal Company in Collins Barracks. In 1979 the unit moved Q Bock in Cathal Brugha Barracks.

11th Field CIS Company FCA

On the 1st November the amalgamation of the Signal Corps and Military Information Technology Section resulted in the Signal Corps being renamed the Communications and Information Services (CIS) Corps consequently the unit name changed to the 11th Field CIS Company.

62 Reserve CIS Company RDF

In 2004 the Unit HQ moved from Q Block to the Engineering and CIS block to share accommodation with 2 Fd CIS Coy. The reorganisation of the FCA into the RDF in 2005 resulted in the unit being renamed the 62 Reserve CIS Company with a new structure under the command of an RDF officer, Comdt Frank Keegan.

2 Bde CIS Company - Reserve

In 2013 the Single Force Concept was introduced and the existing members of the unit were transferred into the Reserve Platoon of 2 Bde CIS Coy and the reserve unit ceased to exist after over 70 years of service.

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