Who Are We?

There are two parts to our unit. We are first and foremost a reserve military unit and all our personnel are trained as soldiers capable of conducting basic infantry operations. This involves learning tactics, first aid, map reading, rifle marksmanship and fieldcraft, and taking part in training and exercises.

However our primary deployment is as communicators and we provide a range of communications to the units of 2 Eastern Brigade Reserve. In order to do this we train on VHF and HF radio equipment, generators, antennae, comms vehicles, trailers, comms containers, masts and public address systems. Increasingly data communications is the priority with information being digitally transmitted providing the commander with additional tactical information and options.

We train on Tuesday nights from 20:00hrs for two hours and approx one weekend per month..

Reserve Defence Force (RDF)

The Reserve Defence Forces consist of an army and a naval reserve. Reservists are integrated into Permanent Defence Forces units. Units train on week nights, at weekends and during periods of full-time training.

Communications & Information Services(CIS)Corps

The CIS Corps provides voice and data comms to the Defence Forces. Based around Field CIS Companies the corp provides the full range of voice and data comms from short range VHF comms to satellite comms to units serving around the world on EU and UN missions. Reserve units focus on using VHF and HF equipment to provide voice and data comms including using GIS data to provide real-time digital mapping and tracking